Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm really tired Future Husband...

I'm sure this is the point where you think I'm going to say something like, "of waiting for you," or "of searching" etc. Sorry to disappoint, but it is not. I am actually just really tired. I didn't sleep much last night. I tossed and turned and couldn't turn my mind off. Sometimes, I like to think, it's because I don't have you to enwrap me in your arms at night. But then I remember I hate spooning when I'm actually sleeping, It's just not comfortable...sorry. But who knows, maybe when we find eachother and we spend that first night entangled and naked we will fit so perfectly together that laying on your chest will be better than any pillow I've ever encountered. Maybe, My Future...maybe.

I'm here with another little note because I think it's important, at times like these, when I'm groggy and a little moody to still say I Love You.

And to say...

That your sheer masculinity makes me weak in the knees at times. Seriously. I swoon when you don't shave and you resemble a mountain man who has had little access to civilization lately. I want to remove my clothes when your banter is whitty and your intellect is on display. Not in an inflated ego kind of way, but just those moments when you are just being you, all smart and stuff, and it makes me want to do sexy things with you. I love when you see me fading fast into that scary place of emotion mixed with insecurity, and with your strong hand, you gently brush the dishevled hair out of my face and kiss my forehead. Your heart makes mine grow a little every day. You are so amazing with our neices and nephews, my love, and I can't wait to see you with our kids one day. You follow your whims and spontaneity is an integral part of this crazy life we have going. Thank you for that. Thank you for making this ride worth it at every turn. I always need something new and wonderful to be enveloped with. When I chose you, I got a constant stream of amazing adventures! 

I know I'm going to be extremely unstable sometimes. But just know that through it all, I chose you for a reason, and I love you with all my being. You are an amazing man, Future Husband, and I am one grateful, blessed, ecstatic, content and very very LOVED girl. Thank you for all of that. And thank you for being you.



  1. Hmmmmm... I still can't sleep while spooning. Too hot and it hurts my neck :) Everything else is spot on, though.

  2. Ha! Wishful thinking ;) Thanks for commenting Cass! I love you Miss!

  3. Have you seen Hit & Run?? You must if you haven't! I'm not normally gaga over Dax Shepard, but his character Yul (Charlie) is freaking sexy! He is all masculine, in control, intuitive, and does this calming thing for Kristen Bell's character. Gah! I was swooning the whole movie - and clearly still am! He isn't nerdy smart like I usually go for, but he is still amazeballs!